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Shaped Wires

Profile /Shaped Wires Circlips

Profile /Shaped Wires Circlips

Shaped Wires are in Square or Rectangular cross section manufactured from high carbon steel generally conforming to EN-42C/ EN-42J. The wires are custom built to suit customers’ actual requirements. These wires are supplied in Annealed finish. These wires are used in the manufacture of lock circlips used for locking shafts.

Stainless SteelStainless Steel, High Carbon Steel Low or Mild Carbon Steel
Cross sectionFlat, Square, Triangular, Half Round and Trapezoidal
ApplicationsThese wires find application in automobile sector for manufacturing of Washers, Circlips, Springs, Wiper Arms, Blades, Auto Cables (Inner & Outer), Kitchen Accessories, Utensils Etc.

Cross SectionThicknessThickness: WidthCorners
Flat0.50.97 timesNatural/Sharp
126 timesNatural/Sharp
Cross SectionThickness x WidthThickness:WidthCorners
Min.(mm)Max. (m.m)Max.
Square0.7 x 0.78.0 x 8.0-Round/Sharp
Trapezoidal1.2x 1.86.0 x10.0-Natural/Round/Sharp
Cross SectionThickness/RadiusThickness: WidthCorners
Half Round1.4/0.710.00/5.004timesNatural/Round/Sharp



The wire in pail packs (Drum Pack / Jumbo Pack / Marathan Pack) is used as advance technology in MIG welding or large component welding requiring several welding machine to weld same work piece. So it is very important to get a good wire feeding. The wire which is used for pail packing must be high quality .In order to wind the wire to a pail smoothly the wire must be have good cast and helix control. The difference in pail pack and wire on formers is that it is straight wire. So, it is necessary to use a good straightening practice for feed wire and it is better to add a straightener before wire spooling machine.It is an upgraded version of precision layered winding welding wire.

The machine can run automatically except for initial wire feeding, straightening wires (cast helix setting) and removing/placing barrels. Its precise winding control and pre-spiraled treatments make sure to feeding welding wires smoothly in the welding process. Furthermore, welding wire barrels of various specifications can be customized optionally. All these make the machine at par with equipment available anywhere in the world.


Features :


Spring Wire & Spring Washers Wire

Spring Wire & Spring Washers Wire

These are shaped wires in Square, Rectangular or Trapezoidal cross section. The wires are supplied in Drawn & Annealed finish.

Base Material:
Stainless SteelThese are made from AISI 304 & 316. The wires are custom built for the taper required.
High Carbon SteelThe wires are manufactured from High Carbon Steel generally conforming to En-42C.
ApplicationsThese wires are used in the manufacture of steel springs, stainless steel spring washers and snap rings.

Cross section Size (mm)UTS(kg/mm2)EdgesTaper Angle
Square 0.8 x 0.8 to
8.0 x 8.0
60-90Natural / Round / Sharp-
Rectangular/ Trapezoidal 0.9 x 0.5 to
10.0 x 6.0
60-90Natural / Round / Sharp0 or 3-5,or as desired

The spring washer wires are supplied in 450-500mm. dia with coil weight of 50-250 kgs. The coils are packed with polythene and Hessian

Tolerance on Thickness
± 0.05 mm and Width : ± 0.05 mm

Mattress Spring Wire

Mattress Spring Wire

Mattress Spring Wires are cold drawn wires made from unalloyed high carbon steel. These wires are used for the manufacture of cold formed helical springs, spring rings and wire forms which find application in automobile, cycle and other industrial equipments. These wires are generally supplied in phosphate and oiled condition. We can supply wires to specific customer requirement within the specifications IS: 4454 (part1)-1975, Grade 1 & 2, ASTM: A227/A227M, A679/A679M, BS: 1408B & BS: 1408C.

We supply wires from 0.30 mm to 6.0 mm**.

The wire coils are supplied in weight of 10-250 kgs., depending on size of wire. Spring Steel Wires are normally oiled and packed with polythene and Hessian.
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